Creating an Empowered Life

A proven system for adventurous men to bring the energy, fulfillment, and joy they feel in the outdoors into work and everyday life.

As an outdoorsy, adventurous professional man, you’ve worked hard to build a successful career. But despite your achievements, you feel trapped on a corporate hamster wheel – chronically stressed, unfulfilled and burning out. You worry you’re missing out on the life you really want.

Deep down, you know there has to be a better way. A way to excel in your career while also feeling energized, inspired and lit up by your work. A way to integrate your adventurous spirit into a professional life that feels true to you.

These are the exact outcomes this neuroscience and research-based system achieves like clockwork.

You know how to feel alive and free in the mountains, now let’s bring that side of you into the rest of life.

Through a proven, step-by-step system, you'll gain the mindset, tools, and strategies to:

These guys used to be stuck just like you

Hosted by Chris Strouthopoulos

Chris Strouthopoulos is an Ivy League educated Professor, Himalayan mountain guide, and TEDx speaker passionate about helping men overcome inner barriers to create professional and personal breakthroughs.

Chris’ coaching skills have been recognized by Forbes, which selected him as a member of the elite Forbes Coaches Council. Through his coaching company Ascent Empowerment, Chris enables outdoorsy men to harness the passion, purpose and clarity they feel in nature and integrate it into their careers and relationships.

Chris draws from over 25 years of experience leading transformative personal growth programs. Whether it’s a CEO scaling their company, a student preparing for final exams, or a climber tackling a Himalayan peak, he’s noticed the same limits holding people back: self-doubt, fear of failure, and fear of judgment.

Highlights of Chris’ diverse background include pioneering first ski descents in Alaska, climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan, and organizing solar service projects for Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. He’s taught mountaineering and leadership courses for Outward Bound and San Juan College, where he co-created a student success program that raised the average GPA across the entire campus by over half a letter grade.

Chris believes the most rewarding work is contribution. He aspires to help others recognize and harness their own potential, so they can thrive professionally while living with passion and purpose. He balances his professional and outdoor accomplishments with honoring his most important roles- husband and father.

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Business Owner & Director of an international business council

A Simple System Made Specifically For Busy, Successful, Adventurous Men Who Want To Make Their Work Fulfilling Rather Than Draining

Designed By A World-Leading Expert


Use my experiential system that’s grounded in neuroscience, cutting edge psychology, and years of helping men transcend fears in the mountains.​


Band-aids be damned! Take a look under the hood, go deep, and create transformation that lasts.​


Rebalance, take control, rediscover confidence, and finally find serenity in a fast-paced world.​

Program Components:

  • Provides all the critical tools, frameworks, and strategies needed replace stress and overwhelm with energy and fulfillment.
  • Designed for busy professionals who want to quickly understand and regulate their self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.
  • Weaves together neuroscience and research with real world experience as a Himalayan mountain guide and international leadership trainer.
  • Four in-depth 1:1 sessions with Stephen Koch, a world class mindset coach and mountaineer, scheduled at strategic times during the 10 weeks 
  • We learn best by doing, so each session focuses on an experiential activity proven to reveal your blind spots and subconscious blocks, enabling you to close the gap between understanding and implementation.
  • You get direct access to Chris, enabling you to get answers and guidance on any challenge.
  • Removes the feeling of being alone because you’re hearing other professional men navigate similar work/life balance challenges, asking questions you never thought of, and finding success in ways you didn’t think possible.
  • Unlimited access to Chris and Stephen via text, email, and voice memo so get your questions answered at any time.
  • Weekly action plans with clear goals and accountability to help keep you moving forward, even when life feels challenging.
  • Immersion in an inspiring community of likeminded men committed to upleveling themselves in all arenas of their life: work, personal, and family. 
  • Invitations to two retreats each year (Spring in the desert, Fall in the Rocky mountains) where we do adventurous activities during the day followed by deep integration work at night around the campfire.

This isn't just career coaching. It's a transformational inner and outer adventure to help you beat burnout, realign your work and life, and step into the passionate, fulfilling career you deserve.

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Senior Data Scientist

You've already wasted too much time and energy trying to force yourself to be content in an unfulfilling career. It's time for a new approach. Take the leap now and give yourself permission to build a work life that aligns with the adventurous, vital man you are.

If you're sick and tired of spinning the hamster wheel and yearn for a life that lights you up in the mountains AND at work, I invite you to join us.

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The program is normally $12,000, but we’re offering a special during the workshop.
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Find out if Creating an Empowered Life is a good fit for you to transform your work/life balance.


The program is normally $12,000. However, because of the workshop, we’re offering reduced tuition rates until Tuesday, April 25th at midnight MST. You can choose between an affordable payment plan of $2,333.33 for three months, pay in full upfront for $7,000 (saving an additional $1,000 off the regular program price), or apply for PayPal financing.
The program is designed for busy professionals, and at the end, it will FREE up your time by radically increasing your focus, flow, and efficiency. There is no free lunch in life. Here’s what you need to invest each week to free up your time: 1-2 hours of live calls, 1 hour of online content you can consume at your own convenience, and then 1-2 hours to apply the teachings.
You pick the times and schedule your four 1:1 coaching sessions yourself. Each session is 1-1.5 hours. The Ascent community gathers for small group coaching calls each Tuesday from 1-2 pm MST.
You get unlimited access to Chris and Stephen via text, email, and voice memos. Reach out anytime. If there’s something big, we’ll hop on the phone. We are 100% committed to your success and will support you.
This program is the evolution of 25 years of my work in personal transformation. I’ve tried numerous formats and lengths, and I’ve found 10 weeks to be the sweet spot. With longer programs people lose focus and struggle to finish. A shorter program doesn’t allow time to condition these new habitual ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Several studies show it takes approximately 28 days to create a habit. So all we need is 28 days to decommission your disempowered habits, and then 28 days to condition your new empowered habits. Once these synaptic connections are myelinated and conditioned within your brain, empowered will be your default mode.
Empowerment is your default mode because you understand what triggers your disempowered thoughts, emotions, and actions. You’re less reactive to life’s triggers, self-aware of what’s happening, and have the toolbox to quickly turn things around. Let me be 100% clear though. There are no rainbows and unicorns. You will have bad days and tough times. Anyone who promises or suggests otherwise is lying to you. As long as you’re breathing life will present challenges. We can’t make them go away. What we can do, however, is flip the ratio of good and bad days so feeling good is the default mode, and life’s dips are radically shorter, shallower, and less frequent.
You get lifetime access to the modules and an invitation to our twice-annual retreats. We gather for outdoor adventure and deep work around the campfire each Spring in the Utah desert and each Fall in the Rocky Mountains. For folks who want to 10x their empowerment we have a continuation program called “Living an Empowered Life.” We’ll assess if it’s appropriate for you and aligned with your goals at the end of your 10-week journey.
This system is based on neuroscience and solid academic research. It’s been field-tested and honed for over 25 years in classrooms, boardrooms, and in the mountains. The system absolutely works. The only question is, are you sick and tired enough of feeling drained that you’ll commit to the journey?

Stop the ruminating thoughts and worries swirling around your head without having to drive to a trailhead

Break free from the daily grind and reignite your professional passion

Free yourself of the dread, stress, and overwhelm draining your energy

Use a proven, science based system tailored for adventurous outdoorsy men

Align your work with your values, strengths and lifestyle priorities

Become the engaged, inspiring leader your team needs

Create an energizing career path and life that light you up

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