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You’ve always excelled. At school. At college. At work.

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You have the degrees, the promotions, the house, and the success to prove it.

From 35,000 feet, all looks fine: A picture of the good life.

But on ground zero it feels entirely different. Exhausting. Confining. Unfulfilling.

In Ascent Coaching  Chris Strouthopoulos will help you in achieving more.

Your energy level and enthusiasm for life are diminishing.

Ascent Empowerment

Getting out of bed and going to work feels harder than it should. As your work responsibilities overflow you increasingly daydream about winding mountain paths, pristine ski lines, and adventure travel. Joy. Freedom.


Worse still, you feel committed—trapped—by the crushing weight of responsibility. Work deadlines. Mortgage payments. The kids’ college funds. The honey-do list. Pleasing the boss.


You’re surrounded by people but feel increasingly detached. Old friendships start registering the toll of benign neglect. At home, you’re feeling growing distance between you and your partner. Intimacy wanes.


Try as you might to avoid it, you keep thinking about the sand slipping faster through life’s hourglass.

Deep down you wonder , isn’t there supposed to be more to life than this? Ascent Coaching is here for you.

Switching jobs, zip codes or life partners won’t address the underlying causes of what you’re feeling. In fact, these moves are likely just temporary salves. Instead, the only lasting solution to requires identifying, addressing, and solving the root problem.


If you’re seeking to feel reinvigorated, spend more time doing the things you love, and show up to work excited and ready to crush any challenge—without compromising what you’ve strived so hard to achieve — we can help.

Ascent Coaching Can Help.

Our proven, scientifically-based system employs a scalpel, not a sledgehammer. We help our clients take control over their lives, develop their mental toolbox and implement the strategies and day-to-day tactics needed to create truly successful personal, professional, and outdoor-oriented lives. Best yet, these unique tools and strategies aren’t band aids—they’ll serve you for the long haul.

With Ascent Empowerment retake command of your life—and your happiness—without obliterating all that you’ve already strived so hard to achieve.

Ascent Coaching