Success Stories

If you believe you were meant to do more with this one precious life you’ve been given we can help.

At Ascent Empowerment we are deeply committed to helping men bring the clarity, power, and energy they feel outdoors into their everyday lives.

Here’s what the men we’ve served say about their transformed careers and personal lives.

But, let’s acknowledge one hard truth- success takes work.

If you’re looking for a magic wand stop reading now. 

However, if you’re willing to commit to your personal growth here’s what possible.

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In-Depth Client Experiences

“I was in a place where I was really beginning to doubt myself and my abilities. I went from thinking I was on my way out at work to having a big annual review and my boss telling me how much he values me. Recruiters are calling me with really interesting and exciting opportunities. Opportunities that I might not have had the confidence to go after a year ago and now I’m going after them. I’m realizing all the dreams I thought were unattainable”


“I’ve been trying everything, every kind of retreat, workshops, therapy. I was operating from these patterns that I couldn’t see, and these patterns were keeping me stuck in my life and weren’t leading me to happiness. At work I used to have this knot in my stomach. I went in the other day and I felt myself belly breathing. I was relaxed, feeling the creative juices flowing. It’s very liberating, gives me an emotional freedom that’s so peaceful and frees me to reach my potential that I couldn’t before.”


“I think completely differently than I did February 1st. I’m celebrating the amount of productivity, exploring business opportunities. In the past I would’ve drug it out. It’s a new version of myself. As I look over the past year, the only person standing in my way was me.”


“If you are thinking about doing the call and you feel that you can get something out of it, the only thing that’s stopping you is fear. How can your life get better if you let your life get controlled by fear? The difference between the old me and new me is I was controlled by my fear. Now I look at fear as my friend. Instead of worrying about things going wrong, I feel the world is here for me.”


“I’ve gone from being in a stale doldrum sort of state where I was frustrated, stale, and had nagging dissatisfaction. A quiet desperation. Now I’ve cleared that all out. Momentum is there. I’m truly excited about my book, and have gone from spending 10 years with not a single word written to over 85 pages in just 12 weeks.”


“Even though I knew I was blessed with a great job I still didn’t feel successful. For whatever reason I was telling myself I wasn’t good enough. I was carrying a whole lot of weight. Negative thoughts and self-talk. Allowing myself to get caught up in other people’s opinions of me. Now, using the Empowered Identity Method, my kids, my marriage, my job, even what I do in my free time- everything has improved.”


“I’ve been to many counselors and therapists over the years, talking about many of these same issues, but Chris is very insightful. Quite skilled. Quite excellent. You made me look at some stuff that needed to be looked at. You were particularly good at making me accountable and not letting me off easy when others would have. I’ve absolutely become a better counselor, colleague, spouse, and a better person”


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