Introducing an Empowered Life

An instruction manual to your own mind, giving adventurous men the understanding needed to bring the energy, fulfillment, and joy you experience in the outdoors into work and everyday life.

As an intellectually gifted, high-achieving man, you’ve poured your heart and soul into building a thriving career. Yet, despite your triumphs, you feel stuck in a hamster wheel – stressed, unfulfilled, and on the brink of burnout. You feel free, alive, and at peace when adventuring in nature, but as soon as you’re back, that nagging feeling returns, telling you that you’re letting the life you truly desire slip away.

In your heart, you believe there must be a better path forward. A way to thrive in your profession while feeling invigorated, motivated, and passionate about your work. A way to infuse your adventurous essence into a career that feels authentic to who you are.

You know how to come alive and feel liberated in the great outdoors, and you’ve long questioned why your work and daily life feel so different.

This guided journey, rooted in neuroscience and research, will provide the answers you’ve been seeking.

You’re not interested in years of therapy, reading more books, or continuing to navigate this path on your own. You want the key breakthroughs, and you want them now.

If that’s you, then Introducing an Empowered Life is the quick and efficient path to ending work worries so you can start embracing life now!

This is the instruction manual to your own mind that you’ve been craving. As a knowledge-driven individual, you understand that certainty comes from understanding.

Once you truly grasp the workings of your own mind, you’ll have the confidence to take bold action and transform your life.

That’s precisely what this program is designed to give you – the knowledge and understanding you need to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Through a proven, step-by-step system, you'll learn:

Ascent Community Members Share Their Stories

These guys used to be stuck just like you

Hosted by Chris Strouthopoulos

Chris Strouthopoulos is an Ivy League educated Professor, Himalayan mountain guide, and TEDx speaker passionate about helping men overcome inner barriers to create professional and personal breakthroughs.

Chris’ coaching skills have been recognized by Forbes, which selected him as a member of the elite Forbes Coaches Council. Through his coaching company Ascent Empowerment, Chris enables outdoorsy men to harness the passion, purpose and clarity they feel in nature and integrate it into their careers and relationships.

Chris draws from over 25 years of experience leading transformative personal growth programs. Whether it’s a CEO scaling their company, a student preparing for final exams, or a climber tackling a Himalayan peak, he’s noticed the same limits holding people back: self-doubt, fear of failure, and fear of judgment.

Highlights of Chris’ diverse background include pioneering first ski descents in Alaska, climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan, and organizing solar service projects for Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. He’s taught mountaineering and leadership courses for Outward Bound and San Juan College, where he co-created a student success program that raised the average GPA across the entire campus by over half a letter grade.

Chris believes the most rewarding work is contribution. He aspires to help others recognize and harness their own potential, so they can thrive professionally while living with passion and purpose. He balances his professional and outdoor accomplishments with honoring his most important roles- husband and father.

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“Even though I knew I was blessed with a great job I still didn’t feel successful. For whatever reason I was telling myself I wasn’t good enough. I was carrying a whole lot of weight. Negative thoughts and self-talk. Allowing myself to get caught up in other people’s opinions of me. Now, using the Empowered Identity Method, my kids, my marriage, my job, even what I do in my free time- everything has improved.”


Founding Partner & Vice President

“I’m celebrating a bunch of wins. I started biking to work a few weeks ago. It had been a few years since I had a regular biking routine, and I was always making excuses. One of the main challenges I shared with Chris was being totally burnt out after work and so tired I would just go to sleep. Now I’ve got energy to do things at home I enjoy (or also chores and yard work). I also went on three dates, which were great (first time I have been on a date in years). I felt relaxed and myself. In the past, I feel like I would date or meet people to just validate my ego. But this time I was authentic and felt a spark.”


Business Owner & Director of an international business council

A Simple System Made Specifically For Busy, Successful, Adventurous Men Who Want To Make Their Work Fulfilling Rather Than Draining

Designed By A World-Leading Expert

Program Components:

  • This is the instruction manual to your own mind you’ve been looking for, so you’ll understand what’s driving the procrastination, worry, and doubt at work that’s draining your potential and making it harder to speak confidently at meetings, lead others, and create the impact you crave.  
  • Designed for busy professionals who want to quickly understand and regulate their self-sabotaging thoughts and emotions.
  • Weaves together neuroscience and research with real world experience as a Himalayan mountain guide and international leadership trainer.
  • One hour and a half long 1:1 kickoff session with Stephen Koch, a world class mindset coach and mountaineer, doing an experiential activity that will forever change your relationship with work.
  • Thirty minute 1:1 with Chris Strouthopoulos, founder and lead of Ascent, during week 4. He’ll take your breakthrough to the next level and help you chart your course for this new chapter of your life.
  • We learn best by doing, so this session focuses on an experiential activity proven to reveal your blind spots and subconscious blocks, enabling you to finally understand the disconnect between the freedom, confidence, and fulfillment you experience in the outdoors vs. the grind, exhaustion, and worries that cloud your success at work.
  • Unlimited access to Chris and Stephen via email and voice memo so get your questions answered at any time.
  • Weekly action plans with clear goals and accountability to help keep you moving forward, even when life feels challenging.
  • Invitations to two live retreats each year (Spring in the desert, Fall in the Rocky mountains) where we do adventurous activities during the day followed by deep integration work at night around the campfire.

This isn't just career coaching. It's a transformational inner and outer adventure to help you beat burnout, realign your work and life, and step into the passionate, fulfilling career you deserve.

“I was in a place where I was really beginning to doubt myself and my abilities. I went from thinking I was on my way out at work to having a big annual review and my boss telling me how much he values me. Recruiters are calling me with really interesting and exciting opportunities. Opportunities that I might not have had the confidence to go after a year ago and now I’m going after them. I’m realizing all the dreams I thought were unattainable.”


Vice President

“I’ve broken free of my desk. Let me be clear, I’ve worked remotely for 15 years. But I had this mentality that I had to sit at my desk for 6-8 hours a day and if I left whether to run and errand or pick up my kids from school, I had this feeling of guilt. It was like I was abandoning my post and would get caught skipping school. Not anymore. Today I rode my mountain bike right in the middle of the day and worked from the trailhead. I didn’t miss a beat at work. When the guilty feeling popped up, I used BGCA and it went away because I was able to ground, embrace my emotions, and get back to riding. I conquered a technical trail I’ve been trying for a year! I came back to work, knocked a meeting out of the park, contributed, and was in flow. I didn’t feel like a lazy, out-of-shape, middle aged dude stuck at his desk. I felt awesome and ready + willing to do more work. This is “Unleashed Phil!” Friday I’m working remotely from my camper up at the lake and going to get a paddle in. The world is my oyster and I’m taking off the chains, the leashes, and living in a way I want that’s inspiring to my kids. No more waiting for the weekend to do anything!”


Senior Data Scientist

You've already wasted too much time and energy trying to force yourself to be content in an unfulfilling career. It's time for a new approach. Take the leap now and give yourself permission to build a work life that aligns with the adventurous, vital man you are.

If you're sick and tired of spinning the hamster wheel and yearn for a life that lights you up in the mountains AND at work, I invite you to join us.

Introducing an Empowered Life Program

NOTE: The doors to enrollment close June 20th at midnight.


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Find out if Introducing an Empowered Life is a good fit for you to transform your work/life balance.

This is not a coaching call. It’s not a sales call either. There is no pressure. I’m simply available to answer your questions.


This program is designed for busy professionals and is based on the philosophy used in medicine of minimum effective dose. Why take 500mg of a drug if 50mg cures the problem? So, each week you get one hour of easy to consume online materials. Exactly what you need with no extra, filler, or fluff. Then there are the two 1:1 calls, one with Chris and one with Stephen that you schedule at your convenience to kick off and pull together your journey.
You book them by using calendar links that we send you so they easily fit into your schedule. The kickoff session with Stephen is 1.5 hours long so you can do a powerful experiential activity. Then you book a 30 minute call with Chris as the end of the four weeks.
During the program you get unlimited access to Chris and Stephen via email and voice memo. Reach out anytime. We are 100% committed to your success and will support you.

You’ll understand what triggers your disempowered thoughts, emotions, and actions. With knowledge comes power. The power to make real and lasting change.

As long as these problems continue to live in your blind spot, real and lasting change is impossible.

As a member of the Ascent Community, if you want additional coaching and tools will be able to join our other programs and live retreats. The retreats are held twice a year, each Spring in the Utah desert and each Fall in the Colorado Rockies.

Creating an Empowered Life and Introducing the Empowered Life have similar outcomes- bringing your outdoor self to work so you can wake up excited, fire through the to-do list, and end the day feeling fulfilled. The key differences are the time commitment, depth, and level of support provided. Creating is ten weeks and offers a weekly group call plus four 1:1 calls. Introducing is a lighter lift as it only requires four weeks and two 1:1 calls. Introducing is designed for men with high levels of self-trust who gather information and implement on their own.

Use a proven, science based system tailored for adventurous outdoorsy men

Stop the ruminating thoughts and worries swirling around your head without having to drive to a trailhead

Break free from the daily grind and reignite your professional passion

Free yourself of the dread, stress, and overwhelm draining your energy

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